Guga o novo embaixador da marca Lacoste

“Estou muito orgulhoso em ser o embaixador da Lacoste.Para mim, a Lacoste é referência em termos de estilo e elegância” disse Gustavo.

Fashion meets tennis when Lacoste’s Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista meets the new Lacoste ambassador and tennis champion Gustavo Kuerten at Paris’ legendary Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts.

The Brazilian tennis champion, also known as “Guga”, shares with Lacoste a very special link with French Open “Roland Garros”. The stadium was indeed built in the 1920s to welcome the Davis Cup won by the Four Musketeers including René Lacoste, the founder of the brand. Years after, Gustavo Kuerten won the prestigious French Open three times, in 1997, 2000 and 2001 and established a strong relationship with the audience by drawing a heart on the clay court after his last victory.

“When I was young, Roland Garros and Lacoste were part of my dreams. Today I live this spectacular reality, it’s another magic lifetime experience” said Gustavo Kuerten, who perfectly embodies Lacoste’s brand values of relaxed elegance, style and “joie de vivre”.

Watch the video to discover more about Lacoste’s new Brazilian ambassador “Guga”, his first encounter with Lacoste’s Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista and the link between Lacoste’s fashion and tennis heritage.

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