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Thinking about building a brand that arouses desire and value is, without a doubt, the key to improve outcomes for any company. However, it is difficult to make that happen consistently. We know it! We also know that there are so many spectacular concepts, but little time to put them into practice. The day to day routine dominates your time and the end result is a lack of success.

The Personal Business Coaching Program, from Valor, was created to bridge the gap between concepts and results. In weekly meetings, a professional from our company will help you develop your team, build a culture of added value development to your business and strengthen its reputation in the market, thus achieving the goals and results you desire. In these meetings with your Personal Business Coach, we will transfer skills, share knowledge and teach the way to build value and desire for your brand. Our work is developed through knowledge and techniques developed and demonstrated to build successful businesses.


Prestigious and luxury brands are examples of the efficiency and effectiveness of Branding, i.e., the process of construction and increase in value of a brand. Several of these brands show how the excellence of its creator became a factor in adding value. Products designed by personalities such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, Chanel and Calvin Klein, carry as significant value, the customer confidence in the expertise and ingenuity of its creator.

It is possible to transform YOU into a prestigious brand of personal and professional success through a process called “Personal Branding”. This is a term coined by Tom Peters, which was published in Fast Company Magazine in an article called “The Brand Called You”.

Personal Branding is a personal project consisting of a set of actions planned and developed towards positioning an individual as a prestigious brand. It develops a proper posture and consistent image of their personal and professional qualifications.

Faced with the current global competition, it is important to be seen and recognized by those who really matter. These actions are aimed at building an image of the individual to the market and society in which he wants to make a difference and be recognized.

Unlike coaching, which specifically looks at the development of skills, the Personal Branding is aimed at transforming the individual or professional into a recognized and admired brand. Personal Branding can be accomplished with professionals from all segments of the market and can include top executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, athletes and consultants, among others.