“Valor advises companies on developing the luxury or premium client base”.


Valor LuxuryLab is a local boutique consulting firm created with the idea of offering brands and individual clients bespoke marketing solutions and strategies that will help them stay competitive and expand into the Brazilian market . Valor LuxuryLab also performs appropriate, planned and coordinated actions that help your team to create, in your costumers, a new image and value for your business, resulting in your brand being admired, desired and recognized.Our strength lies in offering innovative solutions and an extensive network.

We believe in coming up with customer-centric solutions since the success of any marketing initiative lies in understanding potential customers. Of course, this is done keeping trends and traditional marketing techniques in perspective. Our core strength lies in offering digital and social media solutions to reach out to an entire new generation of consumers.


Executive Chairman and founder of Valor, has over twenty years experience in managing operations of luxury brands nationally and internationally. She is experienced in developing businesses, establishing marketing plans, increasing sales volumes and creating communication channels in all levels of your business. She was the director of Polo Ralph Lauren for Latin America and has managed many other high-end brands such as Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. Her proven experience in the market gives the clients a great advantage when they plan to increase the desire and value for their brands.

Unlike other consultancies, Valor LuxuryLab is primarily focused on the Luxury and Premium markets and has extensive experience in the Retail and Industry leading consumer products markets, including fashion and accessories.


The luxury market in Brazil has shown a continuous and consistent growth, reflecting the maturation process of this segment, reflecting the need for companies to improve their competitiveness and develop actions geared towards an improvement in customer relations. In recent years, the Luxury issue has gained some national interest. Everyone is interested in the new concepts of the Luxury Market, as well as the competitive advantages that this market can add to their own businesses and careers.


The recent visibility of Brazil’s economy has made major international luxury brands interested in our market. Brazil has a long history of success for international brands in almost all segments of the economy, since the opening of the market in the 1990’s.

This new marketing phenomenon has developed in the consumer a new desire for quality, which is constantly raising their demand for luxury and premium products and services. This new perspective is a factor, that threatens businesses and brands established here in Brazil, and pushes them to continuous improve their products or services to counteract such forces and meet this new demand.

“The contemporary luxury is a global philosophy, shared of the insatiable quest for the unusual, unique or special, fuel for pleasure and experiences”

Luz Vaalor 2009

Valor’s Solutions


We create, develop and execute actions and projects that increase the desire and value of your brand, your business and your product.

The program “Branding your Brand” has been developed for companies that want their brand recognized, admired and desired. Implement a culture of permanent construction of value, using the strengths that your company already has but may not use to its full potential.


We help you to implement a new business strategy, making your paths shorter and target your actions to focus on your business.

We map out the market, your competition, and your potential clients. We create the most appropriate concept for your brand.


Are you not satisfied with the outcome of your business? Would you like to know more about your competition? Do you have questions regarding your team? Do you want to improve your brand image? Do you want to know what services can be improved?

These are questions that we will work on and provide you with of high relevance of information for your business, product or service.


We create, develop and organize your events:

  • Customer relationship events
  • Collection launching
  • Sales Conventions